The Professional Development Cycle

I was recently invited to join ARLG North East for their ‘Professional Development Never Sleeps’ event and was asked to provide a workshop style session to open the event. As I was sketching out the workshop, I knew I wanted to include information about planning professional development activities, participating in them, and reflecting on them. As the planning progressed I realised I wanted to talk about professional development as part of an ongoing process rather than a series of discrete activities. And so The Professional Development Cycle was created:

The Professional Development Cycle

The Professional Development Cycle

The workshop was structured around the five different stages and at each point I shared my own tips from my experiences, and we also had the opportunity to discuss it as a group. The workshop was well received, and there was some great advice shared. You can see a Storify from the event produced by the organisers at:

I’ve been invited to deliver a similar workshop at the Libraries@Cambridge conference in January and I’m sure that group will also have some great ideas.