Internet Librarian International 2011 #ili2011

Last week I attended Internet Librarian International 2011. I presented in the ‘Developing ourselves’ session on using web tools to improve productivity for librarians – presentation embedded below (please see blog post for more information).

It was great to see presentations from some of the JISC funded projects, particularly the LIDP and SALT projects from the Activity Data strand of work. I also really enjoyed the sessions on various 23 Things related courses – it’s great to see the variety of these and to know that they are still useful. I’m involved in organising 23 Things for Professional Development so it was useful to discuss ideas for evaluating and possible future development.

The main themes I took from the conference were:

  1. Embedded librarianship
  2. Preparing for the future
  3. Play!
For more information on each of these, see my more detailed blog post.
Internet Librarian International was a really interesting conference and one I certainly hope to attend again – a great group of people and lots to learn!

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