Supporting the mobile library community

an SMS message from the catalog
Evidence Base (in partnership with Owen Stephen Consulting) will soon be starting a new project to support the mobile library community (as in mobile technologies, not travelling libraries!). The project will:

provide a mobile library community support project to help support and engage the emerging m-library community by reviewing and synthesising existing research and  evidence-based guidance.

We’ll be supporting the other projects funded in this programme (see details on the Mobile Infrastructure for Libraries blog post), as well as gathering case studies from outside the programme of relevance to the topic. Our aim is to ensure that there will be a resource with relevant information for anyone interested in utilising mobile technologies in academic libraries. We’ll also be supporting the community by facilitating communication and sharing of resources between people working in the area.

More information to come shortly as we sort out the details, but in the meantime if you are interested in this area, please join in the conversation on Twitter using the #mlibs or #jiscmlibs hashtag.


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