100 libraries now participating in the Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP)

The JISC funded Journal Usage Statistics Portal, one of the projects Evidence Base is currently working on, has recently reached a major milestone – it now has 100 participating libraries! See the extract from the press release below for more information:

The JUSP consortium is pleased to announce that 100 libraries are now participating in the Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP).

At a time of economic constraint, it is essential that libraries can evaluate usage, and make a compelling case about the value of journal subscriptions. COUNTER compliant data is vital in providing UK Universities with empirical evidence to inform the management and procurement of e-journals. However, obtaining and analyzing usage data can be extremely labour intensive with each library having to visit each publisher’s website and download their own statistics. The JUSP Portal provides a single point of access for usage statistics, meaning that users can easily and quickly compare usage across various publishers, subscription or academic years and journal titles. The Portal uses the SUSHI (Standardised Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) protocol to collect COUNTER compliant statistics .

When asked to describe what they liked about JUSP, participating libraries said:

“Congratulations to the JUSP team on reaching their own statistical milestone. JUSP has quickly matured into a highly valued service largely due to the team’s skill in solving problems (SUSHI protocols!), and presenting complex data within a clear and well-structured user interface. Evidence-based library decisions rely on the timely analysis of usage statistics. The JUSP portal provides a dedicated focus for UK academic libraries to download and manipulate their COUNTER data:

* Free at the point of use
* Easy to use interface
* One central login to many publishers
* Highly reliable – no delays – data checked, loaded and presented ASAP
* All reports converted to exactly the same format
* Publishers Front and Archive files available
* Third party stats added
* SCONUL returns available
* Added value reports – displays key trends as graphs and tables – easy to splice into management reports
* Saves time and money – reduces administration load and fits workflow patterns
* Demand driven scalable flexible and responsive service.”

Cliff Spencer, Newcastle University.

“The project as I see it is very dynamic which I think mirrors the nature of electronic resource provision generally. I also feel that the project has a real community feel to it, in that it actively responds to user input and I think it is a really good example of collaborative working – something we should be striving towards to avoid us needing to reinvent the wheel! I think the team has worked very well with libraries in seeking their input.”

Sarah Weston, University of Portsmouth

“The more publishers you can get on board the better! Thanks for all your efforts so far, the JUSP portal is already proving to be invaluable to us.”

Kate Newell, University of Exeter

About JUSP
A consortium including JISC Collections, Mimas at the University of Manchester, Evidence Base at Birmingham City University and Cranfield University has developed JUSP, a JISC funded service. For more information about the project please visit the project website or contact Jo Lambert.

Congratulations to all involved!


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