Can you help the LIS RiLIES project?

The LIS RiLIES project (Research in Librarianship – Impact Evaluation Study) is looking at the impact of funded librarianship projects on LIS practitioners. As a follow up to their survey (results here), the project is now interested in hearing from anyone who has used research in day-to-day practice, or maybe as a starting point for a new project or to help develop a report or paper.

One of the projects chosen is Evidence Base’s Evalued toolkit to help with evaluation of electronic information sources. LIS RiLIES has spoken to Evidence Base about the project, but are now interested to hear from anyone who has used the toolkit.

Here’s a full list of the projects:

  • The study on public library policy and social exclusion Open To All coordinated by Dave Muddiman and reported back in 2000.
  • The eValued project in which Pete Dalton and others developed a toolkit to support library and information services staff in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the evaluation of electronic information services (EIS). This work was completed between 2004 and 2006.
  • The Research Information Network’s (RIN) 2006 study into Researchers’ use of academic libraries funded by RIN and CURL and completed by Key Perspectives.
  • The Future of school libraries project carried out by Sue Shaper and David Streatfield for CILIP’s School Libraries Group. This reported its results in 2010.
  • The project entitled Evaluating the impact of clinical librarian services led by Alison Brettle and the North West (England) healthcare librarians group in 2009.

If you have used any of these in practice, please use the contact form on the LIS RiLIES blog post to let them know.


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